Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn — insider says ‘she’s all about Caila’

New allegations that Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn is fake, spoiled and on the show for all the wrong reasons

We are over a month away from the premiere of The Bachelor and already the rumor mills are churning about the bachelor 2016 contestants. One contestant who seems to be causing quite a stir is 23-year-old Caila Quinn from Wellesley Hills Massachusetts. I have received quite a bit of inside info on her. In fact we were the first to publish that she would be a contestant on the 2016 season. It appears that some people are not to happy with her.

First we were told that she had a serious boyfriend back home until July of 2015 when she abruptly broke up with him (coincidentally at the time of the Bachelor casting)

Caila Quinn
Source: Hot or Not

Now an email from someone who knows her claims,

“I’ve seen this girl in action – she’s all about Caila.”

She goes on to say…..

“over 2000 friends on Facebook, a collector of friends but not true friendships….college graduation presents from her parents was a Mercedes SUV (or maybe it was a BMW, I don’t remember).”

Wow! Ok, so this paints a slightly different picture than her resume which paints her as a very conscientious caring person—teaching English in Germany and working with her school’s Philippine Society at Boston college to raise awareness about the Philippine culture.

Incidentally her parents are very wealthy. Her dad Chris Quinn is the CEO of Streetsboro toymaker Step2.

The insider goes on to say,

“I’ve seen this girl in action – she’s been a princess all her life and she’s all about Caila. It took a few years to figure it out, but she’s really good at manipulating people and situations. I am not surprised she’s made it this far in the process. If she is f1 no way it will last. I don’t see how she and Ben have anything of any real substance in common. IMO”

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4 thoughts on “Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn — insider says ‘she’s all about Caila’”

  1. Lame. This sites “info” os from reality steve. He is the only one who reports spoilers and all things related to bachelor and Bachelorette months before show airs. Everyone else copies.

    • Not to mention Reality Steve did not have any of the info on the ex boyfriend. RS needs to get over himself. He is NOT the only one w/ inside info on contestants.


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