Bachelor Ben Higgins first trailer & official cast list

The Bachelor 2016 will premiere on Monday, January 4th, on ABC at 8PM. Season 20 just finished taping and host Chris Harrison, 44 promises there will be lots of drama (and so do some insiders) on the show.

“Ben is going to be a phenomenal Bachelor,” Harrison tells Good Morning America. “But at the same time, when you have somebody who is a great catch, there will be drama. I can’t wait for everybody to see this season.”

“I think everybody is really going to fall in love with this guy,” Harrison gushed about 26-year-old software sales rep and 2016 Bachelor Ben Higgins. “He’s just a very sweet, sincere guy.” Higgins became famous on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette for confessing that he felt “unlovable” because he was no longer a virgin. He came in third place, behind runner-up Nick Viall and and winner Shawn Booth.

We already know about a few ladies who will bring some drama. Newscaster Olivia Caridi, 23 is accused of going on The Bachelor for fame and dumping a boyfriend right before appearing on the show.

Caila Quinn, 23 is also accused of being fake and dumping an exclusive boyfriend to appear on the show. Lace Morris, 25 will allegedly be the show villain for some time. And we will have s set of twins competing for Ben’s heart.

Here is the first official trailer for season 20…..

Ben Higgins official cast list

  1. Breanne Rice, 30, Seattle, Washington
  2. Joelle Fletcher, 25, Denver, Colorado
  3. Leah Block, 25, Denver, Colorado
  4. Olivia Caridi, 23, Austin, Texas
  5. Emily & Haley Ferguson, 23, Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. Caila Quinn, 23, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts
  7. Lauren Himle , 25, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  8. Shushanna Mkrtchyan, 27, Salt Lake City, Utah
  9. Rachel Tchen, 23, St. Louis, Missouri, Live in Little Rock, Arkansas
  10. Amanda Stanton, 25-years-old, Orange County/Mission Viejo, California
  11. Jen Saviano, 25, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  12. Jubilee Sharpe, 24, Miami, Florida
  13. Lace Morris, 25, Denver, Colorado
  14. Lauren Barr, 23, Stillwater, Oklahoma
  15. Jami Rose
  16. Rebecca Whitlow, 27
  17. Samantha Passmore (Sam)
  18. Jami Letain, 23, Vancouver, British Columbia
  19. Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind, 23, New York, NY
  20. Lauren Russell, Houston, Texas
  21. Amanda Kremer, 28, Portland, Oregon
  22. Tiara Soleim, 27, Redmond, Washington
  23. Jackie Dion, 23, Los Angeles, California
  24. Laura Esselman, 25, Louisville, Kentucky
  25. Jessica Moser, 23, Boca Raton, Florida

The Bachelor 2016 premieres Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 on ABC at 8PM.

Photo Source: ABC

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