Doug Hehner’s brother encourages him to break up with Jamie Otis

Tonight on season 2 of A&E’s reality show Married at First Sight: The first year Jamie Otis, 28 and husband Doug Hehner, 33 are still reeling from Jamie’s preoccupation with her ex boyfriend. Doug tells Jamie that he is having doubts about their relationship. The news understandably upsets Jamie.

Doug also asserts that he does not think they are ready to have a baby when Jamie starts talking about starting a family. So Jamie suggests they get marriage counseling. But when Doug agreed to go to counseling earlier Jamie did not make the appointment. Thus Doug is not optimistic that counseling will help things.

Understandably Doug’s family has concerns about the future of their relationship. Doug’s brother Matthew suggests that Doug should break up with Jamie and move on.

In her blog Jamie says this about Doug’s brother’s advice:

“Obviously Doug’s brother doesn’t have a whole lot nice to say. I couldn’t imagine what I’d have to say to my sister if she told me her husband was thinking about his ex. Nonetheless, it’s still so hurtful to hear my brother in law basically tell Doug it may be time to move on from our relationship. Has anyone else ever struggled with doubt? Am I the only person who has ever wondered what could have been with an ex? I’m not saying I am right – as a matter of fact, I feel 100% wrong for having these feelings – but does anyoneunderstand where I am coming from?”

Wow! Obviously Jamie is having a rough time this season and is also having a rough time with the reaction to her doubts. She dated her ex for 4 years, but he did not want to have children so they parted ways.

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