James Kennedy dating Lala Kent?

Initially I shied away from this rumor because it seemed a bit contrived to me, but it actually looks like it may be true that Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy is dating his new co-star 25-year-old Lala Kent.

Season 4 premiered on Monday and Kristen caught James taking an Uber over to a new girl’s house–a girl named ‘Jenna’. I don’t know who ‘Jenna’ is (if you know please email me), (UPDATE 11/11/2015: Found out who “Jenna” is), but we know that James and Kristen are having serious problems on this season of the show and that James’ flirting with Lala will be a catalyst.

UPDATE 11/24/2015: Lala Kent filled us in on her ex boyfriend that she is still “hung up on”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.17.00 AM

And we know that they have broken up and 32-year-old Kristen Doute is now dating Brian Carter.

Anyhow James and Lala are getting very cozy on Twitter–posting pics making out with one another. So it could be an effort on their part to stay on the show (which I would not put past James), or it could be legit.

She recently posted this with the caption:

“Lala Kent ‏@lala_kent  Nov 5
@itsjameskennedy y’all can’t touch us

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

We know that Kristen Doute and LaLa will get the party started right away when they meet by making out. So perhaps we will get a bit of a love triangle …. again.

Earlier this year James was seen getting cozy with a girl in New Orleans.

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