Lisa Vanderpump on Lala Kent and Jax Taylor’s new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright

Well you can always count on Vanderpump Rules matriarch Lisa Vanderpump to SUR-ve up any dirt on her cast members/employees and tonight she is dishing on new girl Lala Kent and Mr. Jax Taylor and his new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright.

First she talks about LaLa Kent missing work for her mysterious “job” in Italy,

“I understand that a lot of people have other jobs. I try to accommodate each and every one of them as long as they get their shifts covered. But I would appreciate her being honest.”

Lala left her new “job” after getting hazed a bit to much by Scheana and Katie. Lisa was disappointed in the two for being so hard on Lala….Really would any other boss put up with this? I think Lisa is trying to subtley tell her cast not to demand any raises because they are “replaceable”. Thus Lala’s antics are not unacceptable since they make for good ratings.britt-jax3

Then she moves on to Mr. Jax (who is always good for ratings) trying to use his clout to get his new girlfriend Brittany Cartwright a job….

“Jax has to cast the net a little wider should we say. He has to go all the way to Kentucky to find a girl that’s not heard of him. I’m trying to be sweet to Britany, but if shes trying to actually get a job here, and not a job as Jax’s sex kitten, why doesn’t she show up with a resume and take it more seriously?”

Apparently in Kentucky they have no cable television or interwebs.

As far as his bizarre dirty foot fetish she says, “Oh, so Jax likes feet, huh? He must like my foot because it’s always kicking his ass.”

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