Holly Rilinger on dating and being a gay role model on Workout New York

New York trainer Holly Rilinger stars on Bravo’s new show Workout New York and she is known for being a very serious and talented athlete, but she is now on a reality show and we all know reality Tv is all about personal lives. So the professional basketball player spoke to After Ellen about being a gay role model on a television show and dating.

On the premiere her other cast-mates talk about how Holly is stalked by straight women. In regards to being a gay icon and being on reality television:

“AE: I think that’s why people enjoyed the original Work Out series, too. Were you a fan of that or Jackie Warner at all?

HR: I was a fan in the sense that it was one of the first very visible lesbians in reality TV. I thought—obsessed might not be the word, but I wanted to watch, “What’s your life like? What’s it like to live in LA and be a trainer and be a lesbian?” And “Wow, this is on TV!” This was back when The L Word was just starting. Jillian [Michaels] wasn’t really out—of course we all knew she was gay. You know, she wasn’t out. So to be able to look at other people living similar lives to mine—and my career was nowhere near where it is now back then, so I looked to her: “Wow. That’s what I wanna do.” So I enjoyed the show in that sense.”

And in regards to whether or not we will get to see her dating anyone on the show she said this.

“AE: What will we see of you outside of the gym? Will you be dating? Do you find love? What can you say?

HR: Even in the first episode you’ll see I have been very, very focused on my career. And in that, I have failed to take a little bit of time for myself and date. Although I’m very happy, years ago, I didn’t know how to be alone. I needed someone to be around all the time. I bounced to the other side and I’m very comfortable with being alone now. But I would like a relationship. I think you’ll see on the show that I try. A lot of the other cast members are like, “You’re so good at what you do, but what about love? What about having a little bit more balance in your life and a little bit more of a personal life?” And I start to, I guess, be more open to going on dates and being set up and I am more willing.”

“I think it’s sometimes hard for me because I’m so driven and I’m so focused, and it’s very easy for me to keep my eye on the prize, and a lot of times even letting my guard down and going out and dating is a.) I’m so tired I either want to be alone now or with friends when I have a moment. I don’t want to talk about my background and that stuff. I’m tired! But, you know what? I really want to make a vow to myself to try to be more open to experiencing love because I experience love in so many different ways with clients and with my job and it’d be really nice to be able to share that with somebody.”

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