Jamie Otis on the prospects of having a baby with Doug

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have been hitting some rough patches in year 2 of their marriage. Interestingly when Jamie expressed that she was still pining for an ex boyfriend and started pulling away from Doug she offered a rather odd solution to their marital problems — having a baby. In her blog she said this about why she went there…

“There’s no doubt I wanted to have a baby in hopes that starting a family would make my situation a bit less painful. HELLO! What on earth was I thinking?! And this is where I can now thank my husband for being more intelligent than me. I was acting and thinking only on fixing my feelings. It would be so unfair to bring a kid into this world like that. That’s not what I really wanted. I was just searching for something to fix our problems. And I guess subconsciously I went with what I grew up watching even though I know in my heart that that is the worst thing you could do.

If I could give myself advice: “Girl, just chill.”

Doug hit the nail on the head when he was skyping with Dr. Pepper. He said, “Buying a house and having a baby isn’t the solution.” This is a small example of what I mean by watching it back and learning so much. I am a grown woman. And I’d like to think I am pretty smart. I am from a family where we pop kids out to make baby daddy’s stay and try to fix our relationships. I’ve seen first hand how that is the worst idea. …..but somehow I still ended up going there. I needed to hear that and quite frankly, hearing such wisdom from my husband’s lips makes me really respect and appreciate him more.”

Well luckily these two are doing a lot better now than they were while the show was filming. They are currently looking for a new home so obviously they are planning for the long run.

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1 thought on “Jamie Otis on the prospects of having a baby with Doug”

  1. With Jamie making hundreds of thousands of dollars you would think she would do the right thing and pay back the $15,000 she owes her grandmother. She has been lying to everybody telling them that it was a gift. There is no way her grandmother could afford to give anyone a $15,000 gift.
    She had to work 3 part time jobs to repay the bank loan that Jamie and her mother said they would pay.


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