Scot Young conspiracy continues — £187 million found hidden in bank accounts

The plot thickens on the mysterious death of UK property tycoon Scot Young — fiancee of Ladies of London star Noelle Reno, 32.

According to the Sunday Times £187 million has been found hidden in British and American bank accounts. The money was found thanks to a very bitter ex wife Michelle Young, 52 who has been insisting that her ex husband has been hiding money to evade legal responsibilities to his family. Michelle was awarded a mere £26 million in a divorce settlement, but she insisted that he had a net worth of as much as £2 billion hiding in offshore bank accounts.

If you recall when last season began Scot was just being released from a 6 month prison sentence for failing to follow a court order to show his finances.

Scot Young died December 9th, 2014 after falling 60ft and impaling himself on a railings outside his £3million penthouse in Montagu Square, Marylebone.

Michelle claims that she still has not received the £26 million she was awarded in divorce courts two years ago, and that she has found £171 million in a British bank account in her ex-husbands name.

She also claims the private detective she hired found an additional £16 million in an American bank account.

Young was adamant that he was dead broke even claiming fiancee Noelle was supporting him.

Personally I am not convinced that Young is dead. I suspect he staged his death because he was afraid he would be killed by his creditors and Noelle assisted him. Remember Noelle was seen out rowing with Scot just before his death and she remained bizarrely silent about his death for a long time.

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