5 Fast Facts about Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley

ABC is bringing back two contestants from Chris Soules season of The Bachelor and one of those contestants is 27-year-old Becca Tilley originally from Shreveport, LA but now lives just outside San Diego, CA. in Rancho Santa Fe.

Becca was the runner-up on Soules season — although as Chris’ father said Becca was his first choice but Whitney Bischoff was a “sure thing”. Ouch! Needless-to-say Becca was dumped but walked away gracefully …… and relieved because she did not feel the 9-week journey was working for her. But shockingly, she is back to do it all over again.

So to recap. Here are sone fun facts about Becca to remember as she looks for love a second time with Ben Higgins.

5 Fast Facts about Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley

1. She’s a virgin as we learned on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor after the world’s most awkward Hometown date.

2. She dated Voice singer Dez Duron.

3. She comes from a serious Football family. Her uncle, Pat, was a Pro Bowl receiver with the St. Louis Cardinals and her father, Chris Sr., played at Louisiana Tech University. Her sister Katie is married San Diego Chargers fullback Jacob Hester and her dad coached Jacob while at Evangel Christian.

4. She’s a Scorpio. She was born Oct. 30th, 1988. So watch out boys. Don’t mess with a Scorpio, you may get stung.

5. She was scheduled to go on a date with Bachelorette contestant Jared Haibon right before going on Ben Higgins season, but flaked at the last minute (probably because she got the call from Bachelor producers!)

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