Ben Higgins on Ellen

Ben Higgins went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to discuss his experience as The Bachelor. Sweet Ben is obviously not used to kissing multiple women on the same night like some previous Bachelors may have been and claims the experience of simultaneously dating multiple women (2 of which are siblings BTW) “messes with your mind”.

He tells Ellen in the video below,

“Well, I mean, honestly it’s kind of an interesting part of doing the experience, because you are kissing multiple people in one night.” Higgins said.

“And I’ll never say I haven’t done that – it’s documented now. But it does kind of mess with your mind sometimes. Because you’re with somebody and you enjoy that moment – and you get up and you walk to the next and it makes you feel really weird. It’s not something I want to get used to.”

Last night Ben took the twins on a 2 on 1 to their home where they live with their mom so he could dump on of them–Haley. I think Ben could not stomach dating two girls that shared a womb.

Ben offers advice to future Bachelors,

“I had a job in Denver, I had a great life. And actually the best advice I’ve had was actually from Chris Harrison who hosts the show, [who] said people come on the show to change their lives, find fame, whatever you want – but the best way to do this is just to use this to enhance the life you already had.”

“Maybe you find love, maybe you don’t, but you get cool opportunities like coming here today, this is something I never thought I’d do, so this is I would say enhancing the life I already had.”

When asked about contestant Olivia Caridi after Ellen shows several clips of Olivia’s amazing confessional commentary he responded,

“It makes more sense on why some situations existed,” …. “or why Olivia, for example, was more upset at times than I understood.”

As to the lavish lifestyle the Bachelor and his contestants enjoy he said,

“I think you realize that the simple life, the Hampton Inn, is sometimes just as fun as the luxury,” he said.

I love this comment because I can’t help but recall the Men Tell All on Kaityn’s season where we learned that poor Ben had to sleep on a cot while roommate Shawn Booth enjoyed the King Size bed….with Kaitlyn!

Higgins refused to disclose whether or not he was in a relationship now.

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