Lisa Vanderpump on Brittany Cartwright moving to LA for Jax Taylor

Thirty-six-year-old Jax Taylor is just one giant impulse control problem. Combine that with his self-professed sex addiction and you have one mega-situation.

Usually he just breaks hearts of girls that live within a 10 mile radius of him so his inability to commit is not the end of the world, but this time he has girlfriend Brittany Cartwright moving from Kentucky to Los Angeles JUST to pursue a monogamous relationship with Mr. Jax.

There are so many problems with this situation I do not even know where to begin.

I suppose we could begin with the word “monogamous”. While Brittany is en route Jax is trying to get in bed with co-star Lala Kent so even if Lala does not give him the chance the intent is there.

Then there is the part where this girl packed her car with boxes and drove 32 hours to move in with Jax.

Boss Lisa Vanderpump gives a hilarious commentary on the unprecedented sitch.

“Oh my God, I just feel like this is a lamb to a slaughter…I see Jax’s face, he suddenly looks like a trapped animal. To see this young girl come all the way from Kentucky with all of these boxes in the car is a bit of a reality check for Jax right now and I’m not sure he quite realized what he signed up for.”

“Oh my gosh, she drove 32 hours to see Jax Taylor? I wouldn’t drive 32 yards. Did she not at any time in those 32 hours ever think, “Do you think I might be making a mistake?”

Oh dear, well look I’m pretty sure Kentucky has the inter webs so if Brittany did not do her due diligence and Google Mr. Jax then she made this bed and now has to lie in it along with the countless other women who have laid in Jax’ bed.

As far as whether or not the two are still together? Shockingly the answer is yes. They just spent a very romantic NYE together.

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