Did Lala Kent and James Kennedy break up?

On Monday 25-year-old newcomer and girlfriend of DJ James Kennedy, Lala Kent was seriously flirting with her 36-year-old co-star Jax taylor even sending him a 3am text telling him to “get in her bed now”, but if you have watched Lala and James on social media they have not been shy about broadcasting their relationship to the world for the last few months.

But things have died down lately–no pics of James and Lala making out all over Twitter and Instagram, so did Lala Kent and James Kennedy break up?

I’m not sure on this, BUT it definitely looks like the answer is yes judging by James comment in his Bravo blog.

He said this in his Bravo blog about Lala flirting with Jax Taylor,

I think it would have annoyed me being any guy — I mean I guess you can say I felt a little led on by Lala, one second she was into me and the next she was over it. Bit of a confusing time, but still fun to play along with her little games.”

If he felt “Led on by Lala”, then it sounds like things are over in real time. This accompanied by the fact that the two have stopped posting pics together on social media. But also a recent episode of WWHL held some clues as well. When host Andy Cohen asked if they stayed in the same room or separate hotel rooms in New York they got silent. Obviously this couple has not been shy about broadcasting the fact that they were together so if they shared a room I think they would have been happy to share.

Additionally I noticed on the After show a few weeks ago when James appeared with one night stand Lauren he was SERIOUSLY flirting with Lauren in front of Lala and blowing Lala off. He also admitted that he and Lauren had slept together since the infamous biting and scratching episode. So I would say the circumstantial evidence is pretty incriminating that James and Lala are dunzo and James is rebounding all over the place.

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