Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul break up looks imminent


Seems fans are sensing that something is off with Bachelor in Paradise couple Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul. The two became the one and only success story of season one of Bachelor in Paradise. And just to remind us that the 3 week process of finding love on national television works, the two were fake married on the season premiere of season 2.

But fans have been concerned for some time since the two have stopped posting updates on social media. Adding to the speculation Lacy was at the Rose Parade over New Years, without Marcus. And most importantly the two never legally sealed the deal on their marriage.

Reality Steve responded on his blog today,

“It’s obvious something is up. I just don’t want to use social media to jump to any conclusions. But the facts are that neither of them have posted a picture of, or with, the other in 8 weeks (when before that time, every single picture they posted was with each other), neither of their bios state they’re even married to the other person, and neither of them even reference the other one. So yeah, something doesn’t seem right, but I don’t want to flat out say they’re done just because of social media. Maybe Lacy enjoys everyone asking her on every picture if her and Marcus are still together because she wants the attention? I don’t know. But until they come out and say something, all anyone can do is speculate based on what we see. And those facts don’t point to a couple that seems to be doing great. Maybe they’re on a break? Maybe they decided to stop sharing every 4 seconds of their life on Instagram? Seems rather extreme to go from what they used to do, to completely ignoring the other one. But then again, these people are weird so anything is possible.”

Now to be fair Marcus is training with the Coast Guard at the moment so the two can’t spend any time together, but I think the fact that they still have not made their marriage legally binding spells trouble in paradise for sure. I suspect an official announcement is coming very soon.

Photo Source: ABC

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