Stassi Schroeder returns for season 4 reunion

Vanderpump Rules star 27-year-old Stassi Schroeder did get a little ahead of herself and bit wrapped up in her new found fame when she left SUR without telling boss Lisa Vanderpump and moving to New York to be with boyfriend Patrick Meagher in the summer of 2014.

I think she thought she had enough momentum from her VP Rules stardom to create a successful fashion career. But she was wrong. So with her tail between her legs, she and Patrick packed a U Haul and returned to Los Angeles.

So after appearing briefly on season 3, she tried to run away from Vanderpump Rules again. In fact she had no intention of being on season 4, but after hitting rock bottom she called producers to beg for her job back. This is why you don’t see Stassi at all in the first several episodes of season 4.

So anyhow producers take Stassi back, but she has to earn her paycheck by facing her co-stars in a dramatic reunion. 

Lisa is especially hard on her saying,

‘You had had a boss and you had a good friend. And you f***ed it up.’

Translation: ‘you were a huge television star under me and you undermined my authority by going behind my back.’

It’s hard to pretend this is really about a job hostessing at a restaurant right?

In Lisa’s blog she says,

“Let’s not forget what Stassi did, she trashed the restaurant, she trashed all the people that worked in it. And I’m sure she’s coming around trying to get her quota of goat cheese balls, for nothing I might add — not on my watch!”

She also has to confront her ex best friend Katie Maloney and her fiancee Tom Schwartz.

Interestingly when I spoke to a show insider in September of 2014 they mentioned that Stassi was only friends with Katie and Tom back then.

“I haven’t heard anything about this new show although because she literally is only friends with Katie and Tom Schwartz it’s no surprise that she is getting her own show. Bravo has been talking to her for a while about a spinoff. She and her boyfriend Patrick now live in LA.”

So Stassi was close friends with both Katie and Tom (remember she lived with them for a bit) because it looks like she unloads on Schwartz over dinner saying, ‘I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, go f*** yourself and die.’

Tom responds with,

‘You’re a (expletive) b****!”

Stassi tries to mend things with Katie with no luck.

‘Now you’re back from the dead. It’s too little, too late,’ Katie replies.

What is interesting to me is how fast this cast has forgiven Kristen Doute but they refuse to even consider forgiving Stassi. Seems a bit inconsistent.

So what I am very curious about…given Lala Kent’s claim on WWHL is did Jax Taylor give Stassi Herpes and is that why she is so angry with him and if so will she bring it up on the reunion?

Remember the comments that she made when Andy asked if Stassi thought Jax didn’t deserve “closure” because he cheated. And she claimed,

“A LOT more than cheated on me. We’re not talking about cheating, we’re talking about things that have affected my life in a very serious, deep way, and I will not give him the time of day.”

I read in to that back then as “Jax gave me an STD”. And after Lala alleged that Jax had an Herpes…..ding, ding, ding.

Anyhow, we shall see I guess.

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