Ben Higgins on his 1 on 1 with Amanda Stanton

Last night Bachelor Ben Higgins picked up his real life Disney Princess 25-year-old Amanda Stanton at the crack of dawn at the Four Seasons hotel to go hot air ballooning in Mexico city. Ben is clearly in to Amanda and why wouldn’t he be. She is cute as a button and very sweet.

As a side note: This date also answered a question we had about Bachelor contestants traveling. We asked ABC if the contestants had bunk buddies and had to share beds, but they could not disclose such confidential info. But now we know the answer is yes. They not only have to share their man, they have to share beds with each other.

In his blog Ben wrote about the 1 on 1.

“I don’t think I have ever been as excited to go pick up a girl for a one-on-one date in front of all the other women than I was for this one with Amanda.”

“Of course Amanda woke up looking perfect. It was like when you see someone wake up in the movies and it looks like they just went through hair and makeup. I wouldn’t hate waking up to that every day for the rest of my life.”

“This is a date that I had been saving for Amanda, honestly. I have known that Amanda and I had a great connection from very early on. And I respect her as a mother so incredibly much. It was obvious to me from the moment that she told me about her kids that we had a future together. And knowing that she hadn’t been on a date in so long…”

Ben is not really phased by the fact that Amanda is already a mom to two kids. But the two had a very serious discussion about Amanda’s ex husband and baby daddy Nick Buonfiglio.

“This was not a date where I was really going into it questioning much or wondering if I was going to give her a rose or not. This was more about just progressing our relationship and seeing if this could be my wife … or just my girlfriend. That she was able to open up to me about her divorce and her insecurities about all of it really made me admire her and feel much closer to being able to answer that question.”

I suspect Ben was looking to see if there was any unfinished business between her and Nick since sharing two young girls would be a huge reason to give the marriage one more try, but he clearly got the answer he was looking for. It was O-V-E-R!!!

Nick had been meeting girls online while they were married and was not remotely interested in being married.

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Photo Source: ABC


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