Who is Craig Conover’s new girlfriend?

Previews for season 3 of Southern Charm show 27-year-old party-boy Craig Conover looking for engagement rings—which is funny since we have never seen even Craig in a committed relationship before!

And because his partying was so aggressive and out of hand last season it required an intervention by his friends.

In previews Craig says, “I’m kind of looking for engagement rings.”

How could this playboy from from Dagsboro Delaware be ready to change his ways and settle down?

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Looks like he has fallen head over heels in love with 23-year-old real estate agent Naomie Olindo. Of course in addition to selling real estate she is also a model.

Source: Instagram

Olindo is a 5′ 8″ blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty from Nice, France.

She graduated from Bishop England High School in Charleston in 2010 where she played volleyball. She then graduated from the College of Charleston in 2014.

The two knew each other in college, but lost touch. Naomie texted Hot mess Craig last year, and the two started dating.

Looks like Naomie and Craig have been busy traveling the globe. Thus far they have been to Thailand, Monaco, and London (I wonder on who’s dime? And I wonder if they visited Whitney Sudler Smith’s boyfriend Prince Albert?)

She recently posted this on Twitter to her new beau,

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my @c_conover, who makes me laugh at him almost as much as I laugh with him.…

The last year has been filled with nothing but adventures, serious happiness and ~luv~

Here’s to many more years of me convincing you you’re not that cool… and you letting me. I love you!!! #emoCraig #stuff #happybirthday#craigelini#DEATHYOUAREMYBITCHLOVER”

Maybe this is why Craig didn’t pass the BAR!! He has been very preoccupied!
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