Jennifer Snowden – Southern Charm — Bio, Wiki, Photos, Twitter

Jennifer Snowden – Southern Charm — Bio, Wiki, Photos, Twitter

Name: Jennifer Snowden

Full Name:

Show: Southern Charm

Age: 34

Birthday: TBA
Hometown: Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina

Occupation: Real Estate agent

Education: College of Charleston

High School: Attended Bishop England High School (for one year) before finishing school in Florence

Best friend: Kathryn Calhoun Dennis

Mother: Nancy Griffin Snowden. Carolina’s restaurant until 2003

Father: John Douglas Snowden

Marital status: Single

Twitter: @jsnowden1

Thomas Ravenel famously declared “she’s been in my bed a few times” in regards to Jennifer however Jen insists that that is not what he meant and that the two have never been romantic.

On season 3 Jennifer Snowden “accidentally” spills the beans to BFF Kathryn about how she was not invited to to Patricia’s flamingo party.

Looks like this season Kathryn and Jen seriously team up to take on Kathryn’s baby daddy Thomas Ravenel.


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  1. Can’t stand listening to the lying Landon..believe she has psych issues..not saying this out of meanness ..Catherine has issues at least she’s honest about it..Landon is the one who is sneaky vindictive and dellusional thinking she has a chance with step..she is like the girl from “Jennifer 8”..Landon is a stalker..that will be revealed..


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