Shep Rose on the possibility of dating Landon Clements …. or anyone

Last year 34-year-old Landon Clements landed in Charleston, South Carolina on the heels of a very messy and traumatic divorce from 44-year-old British Entrepeneur James Maby.

But interestingly when she arrives it quickly becomes clear that she and Shep Rose have some sort of history with one another and that the two have some serious chemistry.

In fact the two have known each other for 13 years.

But it was also clear that Landon was in no place to start a romantic relationship after just walking a way from a toxic 9 year relationship. But that was a year ago.

Season 3 of Southern Charm begins and Shep and Landon are enjoying the company of one another. And mutual friend Thomas Ravenel suggests Shep should settle down with Landon. So do Shep and Landon get together finally?

Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like it. Now that Landon is finally in a place where she can date again, it looks like Shep is not that interested.

“I don’t want Landon to just be one of the ones, and that’s kind of where my head’s at right now,” he said. “I don’t really feel the desire to hang my hat in one place. I mean, I was just in L.A. for a month, there’s no way in hell I would have been like ‘Hey honey, I’m about to go to bed.’ I wouldn’t do that. I don’t do that. I’m out socializing, flirting, doing my thing. And I feel zero guilt about it, so that’s nice.”EP-150509618.jpg&MaxW=520&q=85

Well on Monday night Shep had a very awkward date with Bailey Bial and it sounds like we will watch easy going Shep cavort around with several women on this season.

Interestingly though he may have met someone after season 3 finished taping because on Watch What Happens Live Shep claimed that he is traveling to Chicago this week to visit a woman he recently met who lives there.

And although he did not reveal her exact identity, he teased that she is an actress on an NBC show.

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