Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes and the ex girlfriend situation

Every season of The Bachelorette there are a few contestants that appear to have questionable motives for appearing on the show. This season 27-years-old Robby Hayes from Jacksonville, Florida will be one of those contestants. As I said earlier in his bio Robby has one big problem…a lingering ex girlfriend.

Her name is Hope Higginbotham and she is a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She’s 24-years-old and she recently graduated from University of North Florida in 2016. AND she is a dead ringer for Jojo!!!

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The two were in a serious relationship for 4 years and just split up in January of 2016….not only “split”, but Robby simply vanished…sort of like Caila Quinn did with her ex boyfriend…remember she disappeared and showed up on The Bachelor? Same as Olivia Caridi with her ex Josh Rose. (I’m sensing a pattern…If your girlfriend or boyfriend suddenly goes MIA, good chance they were cast on The Bachelor or Bachelorette).robby_hayes_hope

In fact Robby and Hope were on vacation together in Nov 2015 in Italy. So this relationship ended very recently.

But one insider claims,

“”Hope cheated on Robby with his little brothers best friend.” Yikes!

So maybe Robby is not such a d-bag. I suppose we will have to withhold judgement until we hear the whole story.

Anyhow Robby will definitely be one to watch. He is smoking’ hot and looks like trouble.

The 6′ 1″ competitive swimmer /model was also a frat boy / party boy at FSU so here comes trouble. Stay tuned for more on Robby!

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