Daniel Maguire wins worst impression rose

Daniel Maguire, from Vancouver, British Columbia does not win the first impression rose from Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher, but he definitely wins the worst impression rose right out of the gate!!

Yes the 31-year-old 6’1” male model Daniel did not waste anytime getting drunk and getting disrobed and diving into The Bachelor swimming pool on premiere night — reminiscent of Ryan McDill on Kaitlyn’s season.

But not before flexing his muscles to the cameras. Unfortunately everyone knows this is a suicide maneuver on the show. No contestant has ever stayed after an impromptu skinny-dip in the Bachelor mansion pool. In fact no contestant has even made it to the rose ceremony after such an event.

They are inevitably pulled out by several greasy-pony-tailed key grips and thrown into the white van of shame.

In his ABC bio he describes himself when asked if he was “the party-starter,” he replied, “Back in the day, I was the party-starter. Now I am laid back when it comes to nightlife.”


And I certainly love the irony of this question….

Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?

“No, but I can have good manners and do little things which a girl would love.”

Really? Like getting drunk and jumping in a pool on your first date?

And maybe this should have been a red flag to producers,

Are you comfortable wearing swimwear in public?

“Very comfortable. Why have a lambo if you park it in the garage?”

So Daniel pulls out the lambo tonight and takes it for a joy ride.

Shockingly neither Daniel, nor his lambo got the boot tonight!

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Maguire wins worst impression rose”

  1. When I saw Dan Maguire on the Bachelor, somehow I thought he was out of place. I think the guy’s gay. Nothing wrong with that. I’m gay and over the years I’ve developed a great sense of ‘gaydar’ Being that he’s a model and i believe a personal trainer and from Canada, I also think he’s well endowed and UNCUT, at least from the looks of his physique, tall and slender. maybe the producers decided to throw in a gay guy to liven things up or make them more interesting, who knows. They brought him back for ‘Bachelor in Paradise and tn a final scene in the September 4th episode shows him talking of penis size with one of the other guys, as he says he’s seen many and he’s not embarrassed to show his or talk about the subject.


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