Claims from women that Jordan Rodgers is unemployed, fame hungry and desperate for a girlfriend

Man alive season 12 of The Bachelorette is unraveling left and right. We knew that 27-year-old Bachelorette contestant Jordan Rodgers was a cheater because his ex girlfriend Brittany Farrar made that abundantly clear on Instagram, but now we can add unemployed, fame hungry and desperate for a girlfriend to the list.

Jojo Fletcher appears to sense that something is a little off with Jordan, but she still keeps giving him roses! He talked to her about his previous relationships but apparently he left some important details out…like the cheating!

Here are some excerpts from the emails via Reality Steve from women who met Jordan on a dating app.

“I can confirm 100% what you’re saying is the truth about Jordan being a “skirt chaser”, “player” etc. I met Jordan off a dating website, Raya, over November and we completely hit it off (as much as you can via text and FaceTime) he seemed SO fame hungry! He doesn’t really have an actual job, it seemed as if he was jumping around from “project to project”. Although he seemed like extremely nice guy, he also seemed so desperate to find a girl. And someone as handsome and charming as he is, really shouldn’t have an issue, right?”

“When I wasn’t being as responsive and saying I didn’t really feel right coming to visit him in Nashville (little weird, no?) He would send me these long text messages about how he’s never felt this way about a girl before. (Guessing he says that to every girl?) I found it a little weird and creepy given I’ve never actually met this guy, so I ended up telling him it would never work due to distance. When I heard he was on the bachelorette I texted him and one of his responses was “I’ll never know what happened to us and why we could never work out” and that was it. PUH-LEEZE.”

And another,

“I am currently on Raya, an “exclusive” dating app. We matched before what I’m not assuming is his time on the show. He told me he lived in Nashville, and we met up at the SuperBowl in SF. We continued talking until a few months ago, when I found out he matched with another friend of mine and slept with her after a couple ‘dates’ (more of a couple nights out at the bar). ”

Among the many allegations regarding Jordan’s true motives for doing the show was the claim that he was looking to be a sports reporter.

“Jordan wants to be a sports reporter so bad that he would do anything to chase the fame. He wanted to take the Jesse Palmer approach but unfortunately for Jordan, the closest he has ever been to a career in sports reporting was being with **** *****, his ex who is a reporter on Fox. I’m not sure how her name hasn’t been thrown into the ring yet…”

This could very well explain why his brother Aaron Rodgers is not talking to him right now.

Well my guess is that if Jojo does pick Jordan the relationship will be over before the After the Final Rose episode.

As a side note: Reality Steve is becoming quite a situation in and of himself! He is so out of hand and sanctimonious lately. He spends the first page congratulating himself and talking about how amazing he is for not revealing all of the dirt he has on these guys because he does not reveal his sources.

Well of course not! Why would he reveal his source that has been spoiling the show for years now and making him millions of dollars? If he ever revealed said source he would be out of a job.

By the way Steve you did not break the news that Caila Quinn applied for the show while in a relationship. You were not even the first to report she would be a contestant. Nor were you the first to report the news about Robby breaking up with Hope in January of this year.

It’s just that he is getting so out of hand and full of himself with this retroactive credit he takes for things.

Not to mention he is really becoming a problem for ABC and I have to wonder if they are going to get more aggressive about shutting him down.

So yes, he did receive a few emails from girls who dated Grant Kemp and Jordan Rodgers recently and he is beside himself with glee because he can actually make these allegations now. He could not make the allegations before because if a contestant decided to sue the truth would come out about how unconscionable his main source is–wiretapping and all. But now he has good old fashioned emails to back these claims and he can reveal said sources if he is sued.

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