Soraya Fletcher disciplined by Nursing Board for prescribing drugs improperly

On Season 20 of the Bachelor Jojo Fletcher introduced the world to her mom, Soraya Fletcher during one of the most amazing Hometowns in Bachelor history. Of course fans fell in love with Soraya the minute they saw her chugging Champagne from the bottle during Jojo’s epically uncomfortable date. She obviously knows how to get the party started, but apparently Soraya has been in a tiny bit of trouble for starting that party according to Radar Online.

Soraya received a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Vanderbilt University in 2010 and as a result was legally allowed to write prescriptions.

And apparently she has been improperly prescribing the stimulant Phentermine for appetite suppression. Maybe this is how Jojo lost so much weight between The Bachelor and Bachelorette! Hahaha!

Seems like much to do about nothing if you ask me. It’s not like she was prescribing Oxy-Contins. She was prescribing a weight loss drug! And its not like when Monica Spannbauer (from Ben Flajnik’s season)’s mom was jailed for assault with a pepper grinder. Now THAT was a situation!


Anyhow as a result she was investigated by the Texas Board of Nursing and the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

In order to continue practicing she was told in a letter,

“Soraya needs to comply with the Nursing Practice Act, take a remedial course in Texas nursing jurisprudence and ethics, fined $1500, needs to be employed as an advance practice registered nurse for one-year and cannot work as a registered nurse during her disciplinary period, notify present and future employer, practice sites and credentialing agencies of the order.”

Personally I think the DEA is just ‘intoxicated’ on their own power. You can’t protect people from themselves. I think everyone needs to take a chill ‘pill’.

I LOVE Soraya! I can’t wait to see her throw down on the finale!

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