Who is Kim Johnson’s husband Arun Nayar?

Kim Johnson is the latest siren to join the cast of Ladies of London and no doubt her brand new marriage to Indian businessman Arun Nayar — 20 years her senior will become an integral part of her storyline.

So who is Kim Johnson’s husband Indian businessman Arun Nayar?

To star 46-year-old Arun is the CEO of Direction Software Solutions. And he appears to come from a well to do family—sort of. The family money was created by his mother after his parents separated.

Born in December 1964 in Leeds to German-born mother Gunnar, his and Indian father Vinod. The family did not move to India until after the birth of Arun’s younger brother Nikhil.

His parents separated when he was young and both he and his brother lived with their mother.

In the 1970’s Gunnar founded a successful textiles firm in Mumbai. The new money allowed her to send Arun and Nikhil to a very elite private school—Cathedral and John Connon school.

Arun later went on to study physics at Oxford and received a Masters degree in physics at Imperial College, London. After graduating he moved back to India to work in the family textiles business.

He ran in elite circles and in 1991 met his first wife — an Italian model in St Moritz, named Valentina Pedroni. The two married in 1997.

The two separated in 2002 and when Arun met and fell in love with actress Elizabeth Hurley after meeting her via financier Alessandro Tome. The couple married in 2007, but the marriage ended in 2011 after four-years and they were granted a quickie divorce via a decree nisi by District Judge Penny Cushing holding that the marriage had ‘broken down irretrievably’.

Arun of course, started his own computer business, Direction Software Solutions which he runs today.

He recently met and married his girlfriend 26-year-old model Kim Johnson in the French Riviera on July 30th. The two have been dating since 2011 and were engaged a year ago.

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