Jasmine Lorimer’s first 1 on 1 with Thomas Perass

Last night 27-year-old Jasmine Lorimer and her remaining suitors headed to Sandals Ochi Beach Resort in Jamaica. First of all The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise’s relationship with Sandals resort has seriously gotten out of hand.

It’s not 1989!!

Anyhow, the guys seem stoked to get some vitamin D even if it is on a tiny fenced in beach. Jasmine can now really get to know/make out with her suitors and surprisingly she chooses Saskatchewan model Thomas Perass for the first 1 on 1.

Not that Thomas isn’t hot, but he just seems …… well kind of delicate……yoga mat, high pony, neck shave …. he’s that guy. And I just pictured Jasmine with a manly man. That’s all.

Anyhow Jasmine takes her male model on dune buggies to see if he is willing to “get dirty” and low and behold Thomas is game.

The two certainly have chemistry and certainly would look good together on a step-and-repeat and sexy Thomas continues delivering the “sexual tongue”.

After the ride Jasmine and Thomas happen upon an impromptu, romantic picnic on the beach where they make-out and Thomas tells us the story of how he became an International male model.

This story was rather epic. Apparently in his former life..pre-male model Thomas was a burly construction worker and fell off of a two-story building and severely broke his ankles sending him into a wheelchair for 6 months. The near death experience propelled Thomas to review his life and decide what was important to him.

In his near death epiphany Thomas decides he needs to become an international male model and starts signing up at male escort agencies–I mean modeling agencies. And now he gets to fly to places like Shanghai to walk in fashion shows.

Anyhow Jasmine decides they have connected on a “deep” level and delivers the rose. And as someone very astutely pointed out on Twitter, nothing is classier than a red rose pinned to a tank top.

So Thomas is safe for now, but I’m just not feeling like he makes it to the end. We shall see.

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