Lauren Bushnell on the “JoJo situation”

How do you deal with watching your new fiancee fall in love with someone else while they are falling in love with you at the same time?

That’s what happens every season on The Bachelor. The show always has a happy ending. The lead always chooses a life partner. But when the winner and the runner-up return home they are forced to endure the agonizing process of watching their true love fall for someone else simultaneously on national television.

26-year-old Bachelor Ben Higgins was nothing if not genuine. If we were in the real world ‘Perfect Ben’ would never have dated two girls at the same time, but we were not. We were in the world of The Bachelor, where the lead is contractually obligated to fall in love with at least two women to ensure ‘the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history’.

And where the lead and his new fiancee are getting a spin-off on a fledgling network and will be forced to confront the runner-up for the first time.

So Lauren had to watch Ben fall for runner-up Jojo Fletcher.

Bushnell, 26, spoke to Us Weekly about the ‘Jojo situation’.

“The most frustrating part is that it’s known as the ‘JoJo Situation,’” (love it whenever anything Bachelor related is officially deemed a ‘situation’)….. “She was involved, but I think no matter who was at the end, or whatever, and no matter what happened, it would’ve been really hard for me and Ben to move past.”

Well Jojo moved ‘past’ it just fine! But I digress.

“I did carry some resentment towards him, not with JoJo,” she explains. “I had such a hard time trying to understand and put myself in his shoes and finally was like, ‘I will never understand. I will never be the Bachelor.’”

Of course not Lauren! this is ‘The Bachelor’ we are talking about. There is a full-time crew of Producers equipped with all the lemons and mix tapes necessary to ensure the lead falls for more than one woman. I mean these are PROFESSIONALS Lauren.

In regards to having to watch her now fiancee profess his love to Jojo she said,

“I get asked all the time, ‘How did it feel when Ben told JoJo he loved her?’” …… “For a while there I didn’t know if him saying I love you was as meaningful as it should be because he had said it to someone else. Thinking back to that time, it’s not very fun for me.”

Anyhow on Ben and Lauren’s new show on Freeform we will get to see Lauren and Ben sit down with Jojo and Jordan for the first time since the finale!

Jojo asks Ben, “Were you annoyed with how much I talked about you this season?” …… “I know all season I kept referencing you so much, but if you think about it, it was the only experience that I had to try and relate. I understand so much more now, the situation that you were in when it came to Lauren and me, and (I have) just so much more respect for you because it is not easy. ”

Thankfully after the brunch, Lauren said, “JoJo and Ben don’t have any chemistry there anymore,” ….“and today really helps me move forward.”


Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? airs on Freeform Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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