8 Things to know about Ladies of London’s Adela King

eason 3 of Ladies of London premieres tomorrow night with one intriguing newcomer, Adela King. And the 42-year-old–like her co-stars comes with quite a pedigree of her own.

So what do we know so far about about the latest member of the Bravo show?

1: She is very worldly. In fact she’s lived all over this world—born in Costa Rica and raised in Florida, Singapore and Hong Kong before moving back to London.


2: As you can imagine she is incredibly wealthy. I’m sure she will give the ladies a run in for their ‘money’ in the net worth department. She’s married to UK businessman Chester King, 45.

Chester runs a family business, International Hospitals Group, with his 2 brothers Hertford 49, and Witney 48.

Adela King in Hong Kong Source: Instagram
Adela King in Hong Kong
Source: Instagram

Annual revenues for the family business fluctuate between an astonishing £30 million and £100 million ($45 million to $150 million) each year, with total revenue at £3.5 billon over the past 30 years.

And their most prized possession is the public ‘jewel’, Stoke Park site of iconic British films including Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) and Layer Cake (2004)–note the James Bond connection to fellow London Lady Caroline Fleming who is related to the real life James Bond.adela-king-4

3: Valentino, designed her wedding dress.

4: She is a mother to a son and daughter.

5: She’s a model and shockingly did not start modeling until age 42.

6: She does do a little botox.

7: She’s a business woman. a very successful maternity business called “9 London”  as well as her own boot line  – Adela King Boots.

8: She is old friends with show matriarch Caroline Stanbury.

Previews make it look like Adela will provide her fair share of drama this season.


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