Who is Adela King’s husband?

Newcomer Adela King, 42 joins season 3 of Ladies of London along with her very wealthy and well known husband, UK businessman 45-year-old Chester King. So who is Chester King? Well to start he is famous for running the family business—a business that has had total revenues of around £3.5 billon over the past 30 years. So we are talking … Read more

8 Things to know about Ladies of London’s Adela King

eason 3 of Ladies of London premieres tomorrow night with one intriguing newcomer, Adela King. And the 42-year-old–like her co-stars comes with quite a pedigree of her own. So what do we know so far about about the latest member of the Bravo show? 1: She is very worldly. In fact she’s lived all over this world—born … Read more

Who is Ladies of London star Adela King?

Season 3 of Ladies of London returns on November 29th, 2016 with Julie Montagu, Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury, Caroline Fleming, and Marissa Hermer and newcomer Adela King, 42. So who is Adela? To start, Adela is old friends with show matriarch Caroline Stanbury. She was born in Costa Rica and raised in Florida, Singapore and Hong Kong before moving back to … Read more