Are Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry still together?

The season finale of Catching Kelce just aired and Travis Kelce, 27 shocked fans by choosing 25-year old Maya Benberry over 25-year-old Veronica Harwood. In fact he shocked fans by even placing Maya in the top 4.

Why? Because Travis compares Maya to girls he has dated in his past, relationships that did not end well and girls that tended to be “over-confidant” and “arrogant”.

Yes, this NFL tight end is a big ‘ol bottom. He likes to be bossed around by sassy women.

Fans thought Travis was going to turn over a new leaf and choose the wholesome Wildwood, New Jersey pastry chef over the bad girl, but he did not.

During his dramatic final diatribe he tells Maya,

“I love your confidence, but at times it does get overconfident. It kind of shows arrogance. I have been attracted to women like that my entire life, and those relationships didn’t work because of that. I don’t want that anymore. I feel like I came into this idea, this experience, this show because I needed that change in my life, and Veronica is that change.”

Ok! So Veronica it is! Nope. Travis quickly does a 180 and dumps Veronica.

So are Travis and Maya still together or have things fizzled since the show finished taping in April?

Well…….I am not entirely sure. There is nothing as of yet to suggest they have broken up, but if we look at clues, there is little to show that they are still together which you would certainly expect to see if they were in fact still together.

One caveat: Maya did post this on Twitter:


So take heart Maya fans. There is hope.

One clue that I found compelling was an interview Travis did in right after taping in May in which he showed very little excitement about the outcome of the show.

No, “I chose an amazing woman and am very happy”.CATCHING-KELCE-107-TRAVIS-KELCE

Asked if he found someone really special in the end all he said was,

“Yes, I did pick a winner.”

Making things seem more dire in describing his excitement about Catching Kelce he said,

“I think it will be a pretty funny show, but I’m more excited for the football season,” …… “I’m not even a big TV guy, so for the most part, I was going into it blind and just enjoying the experience.”

Just “enjoying the experience” does not seem that promising.

No, “I wasn’t expecting to find love, but I did.” Nothing indicating he was still very happy with his choice and can’t wait for the show to air so he and his new love can finally emerge from months of hiding and announce their love to the world.

Obviously, Travis did not take the experience of finding love in a few weeks on national television as seriously as some reality show leads—ahem.

Stay tuned for updates. If the two stay quiet then clearly we have a breakup situation on our hands.

By the way, I suspect if Kelce relationship has fizzled we may seem him again on E!’s second season of Famously Single.

UPDATE: 12/20/2016

Maya Benberry confirms that the two have split on social media saying she is still single.

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18 thoughts on “Are Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry still together?”

  1. Why can’t we get a straight answer whether they’re together or not? I surely would like to know; and, maybe see some pictures of their involvement, see places they hang go out to, and see her at his games like whatsup kind-of-thing!? It took such along time to watch the entire show and then, leave us clueless? There should be an update version of the show and “the hereafter” to see Kelsey & Maya interact together and tell us what they think of each other after the show was over. Please keep us posted if anyone really knows anything. Thanks!


  2. durant toute l’émission je n’ai pas vu la méchanceté de Maya qui n’a été qu’elle même par rapport aux autres et c’est ça qui a joué par contre les autres étaient méchantes contre elle et ça à encore joué à sa faveur parce qu’elles sont concentrées sur la personne de Maya et elles ont oublié leur rôle! Bravo pour la gagnante elle a assuré et longue vie à ce couple.

  3. This is for mr. And mrs. Kelce Travis you did the right thing you pick your soulmate she is definitely your soulmate Maya don’t listen to anyone you followed your heart and you know what you want you have your own line you and Maya are going to have beautiful children she is a gorgeous girl you are a lucky man and she is a lucky woman God bless you both.

  4. I am so glad that Kelce and Maya are together he made the right decision he follows his heart he is a smart man and I know they are meant to be I am so happy for Maya and I am so happy for Kelce they look beautiful together and when they get married they’re going to have gorgeous children good job Kelce don’t listen to nobody you made the right choice by the way Maya is fine.

  5. I’m so glad that he chose Maya. Who in the world wants a milque-toast, boring girlfriend like the alternative. Didn’t you see how crazy he is? There is no way that Veronica could keep up with him. Travis picked who he wanted, and all of the haters can keep on hatin’, but it won’t do you any good. Bye, Milque-Toast!

    • yeah Travis is wild! he needs someone that is seriously wild. Although the two together could be serious trouble….I can see what Travis has a hard time staying out of trouble. He is really fun, but may have a hard time sitting still which may not bode well for any woman.

  6. Maya is far from a gold digger. Her family is well off so that’s not even an issue. I’ve know this young lady since she was a kid in middle school. In EVERY reality show, there is always a spin when the person is the center of interest. Check all reality shows you watch. These comments, not just here, but also on Twitter and Instagram have been ridiculous. At the end of the day all of these young ladies are real people. And truth be told, some of the women who have negative comments are just as catty as they’ve critiqued! Have a beautiful day yall!

    Kentucky Girl

    • I’m not casting aspersions on her. I was just reporting what peeps were saying–actually what was coming out of Travis own mouth! Im sure a lot of girls were on that show looking for Travis 46 million dollar treasure chest. I have no idea if Maya was one of them.

      I hope not. They are cute together and he needs someone that is as wild as him. Although I don’t really see Travis settling down w/ ANYONE in the near future.

      Do you know what their current status is. If you know anything can you please email me?

  7. WELL mAYO had a lot of bad things when she was away from Travis Kelce in the house with the girls, she showed lack of class. the jersey girl came out with her true colors when she lost and gave him the double fingers, more classless, I had picked Avery all the time and she had class, when she left she was nice and said maybe they will meet in future if it is to be she was a little protective of herself, but I think she would have been a great match for him, we will see, but I don’t know if she will go for 2nd place girl after mayo. she was hot with class. you screwed the pooch Travis Kelce.

  8. I’m glad that he chose Maya! They had a connection since day 1. She showed that she was there for him and not to make friends, there is nothing wrong with that! The other girls had their fair share of drama as well so yall should really lay off of Maya!

  9. I was shocked Maya is a bully if you can see the way Maya acted at the mansion it would shock you.She was living a double life and many parts she did not act like a lady. All I can say is big mistake she was mean and always rude!!!!

  10. Apparently, Travis was in it for the fun of things because I do not understand how you say the awesome things and a breath of fresh air about Veronica, then choose maya. Nothing against maya she is beautiful, but it apparently shows Travis is not ready to settle down but have a party buddy. Watch out Kelce- baby on the way to keep you. Open your eyes- seen it a hundred times before


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