Maya Benberry “Catches” Travis Kelce

Tonight we had yet another shocking election result as 27-year-old NFL Bachelor Travis Kelce took his finalists to Fantasy Suites and narrowed his team of WAGS from 4 down to one. The finalists were Lauren Schwab of Missouri, Avery Schlereth of Colorado, Veronica Harwood of New Jersey and Maya Benberry of Kentucky.

In the end he chose 25-year old Maya Benberry. The decision shocked fans who saw Maya as the longshot, but once again producers at E! used their ninja editing artistry to convince us that Travis #1 Draft pick was not even in the running.maya-benberry

The decision was particularly shocking after it appeared clear that Travis had had sex with runner up Veronica in the ‘Fantasy Suites’ as Ronnie played coy with her co-stars after the big night. And by the way in the bonus footage Veronica comes clean to her mom Bernadette that the two did engage in sexual relations.

But alas, Travis cut his remaining white girls one by one in favor of the stunningly gorgeous African/American actress/fashion designer/teacher and bad girl, Maya.

Travis Kelce clearly likes a little flava’ in his ladies and he likes a lot of sass. In fact he compared Maya to his ex girlfriend suggesting she was his type.

Unfortunately that may not be a good thing!! Because he lamented that has has always been attracted to “arrogant”,”over-confident” women and it has not ended well for him.

“I love your confidence, but at times it does get overconfident,” he told Maya just prior to announcing his final choice.

“It kind of shows arrogance. I have been attracted to women like that my entire life, and those relationships didn’t work because of that. I don’t want that anymore. I feel like I came into this idea, this experience, this show because I needed that change in my life, and Veronica is that change.”


Well I guess not!!!!

Because Travis then chooses Maya anyway!

No wonder people online are furious with him for the choice they feel reveals he is repeating past patterns of self-destructive dating behavior.Travis-finale

But Maya was understandably thrilled with Travis final choice, “I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” Maya proclaimed. “For that to be my man, and he’s really my man now, it’s just amazing that my dream guy is now mine!”

I bet she was also excited that her “man” is worth 46 million dollars!

Veronica is furious and basically tells Travis to “F-k off”…well she tells cameras at least.

“Travis, f–k you! It’s not going to work with Maya. She’s going to end up screwing you over in the long run.”

I wasn’t that shocked to see Avery go since even her mom hinted that Avery did not do the show to get a boyfriend.

Travis and Lauren definitely seemed to have a solid connection, but I think the 29-year-old gym owner was just a little too vanilla for the charismatic tight end.

Despite all of the drama, Travis gushed about the grand finale of his journey saying,

“It’s been the craziest roller coaster of my life,” ….. “I am so excited to be with Maya and see how we grow as a couple and to see where our relationship can go.”

Maya currently lives in Los Angeles so distance could be a challenge in this fledgling relationship, but it appears that as of today the two are still together. However, I am not entirely sure. Clues suggest this relationship may already be over. Travis is currently training for the Football season in Kansas City.

Taping wrapped on the show in April just before he reported to the Kansas City Chiefs for offseason workouts.

Congratulations to E!s newest WAG Maya Benberry!

8 thoughts on “Maya Benberry “Catches” Travis Kelce”

  1. I have always wanted Maya to win because she’s focusd , she actually know what she need in a man and she got it, so for other girls they shouldn’t take this personal bcos it was a contest, either u win or u lose. Mayas winning for me wasn’t confidence but bcos she was so real and no pretence from the onset, which I know such things triggers men. The word confidence came to play when Maya must have opened up and checked her chemistry with that of kelces and it was positive, although I know Travis if truth be said,he was in love with Maya, but he don’t really wanna discharge other girls like that bcos he was trying to get to know maya and he don’t wanna rush it. Maya am so happy for u, but try to take dis to the next level and always be you. Gudluck baby

  2. I think that we should be happy for the couple because if the shoes was on the other foot that is on our foot we would want people to wish us happiness. Maybe Travis has found the correct person. Sometimes you might have to go to measures to find someone. Travis’s brother suggested Maya. Who would know you better than your own family. We should be happy for the Couple. I wish Maya and Travis a long happy life together.

  3. Disappointing. Yes, a little “FLAVA” might be nice but wife, mother? I don’t think so. Maya was rude, arrogant and nasty during the entire show. He got exactly what he deserved. He’s an ass.
    Veronica would have been an excellent pick. She and Avery were my picks from the get go.
    Hopefully Travis will wise up before Maya takes him for all he’s got.

    • well said! you took the words right out of my mouth. I only just watched the finale last nite in my location and I was so upset at his choice. He’s really an ass! Pick Maya over Avery and Veronica – who does that ? Unless there’s more to the show than they show us on TV!!!

  4. I am so happy he pick Maya I think they are a great couple and I knew it the whole time because the chemistry was there even though he said that she was just like his past she’s a different person and not his ex she brings happiness and him that the others just didn’t have sorry she’s a black girl but that is to type so happy for them

    • Do you think they are still together? I had a feeling a black girl would win this because Travis does like a little flava’.

      I’m happy for them as well. Hopefully the Maya bad girl we all saw was the result of some editing and hopefully she really does have a softer side.


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