Lala Kent’s co stars coerce James Kennedy to dish on married man

Monday night on Vanderpump Rules special agent’s Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute concoct an ingenious plan to get the dirt on Lala Kent’s married boyfriend from co-star James Kennedy. Now this is really where the beauty of this show lies…in the sleuthing skills of Stassi and Kristen — recall ‘Smoking Gun Uber’ and every Jax cheating scandal? And now that the two have formed an alliance…everyone better watch out!!!

They have James by his tiny little balls and they are going to squeeze them until the truth comes out.

They know Kennedy is in a pickle. He’s really down on his luck. He’s been fired from SUR and released from his cushy DJ gig. Obviously Lisa Vanderpump and SUR have been his biggest promoter and he recently burned that bridge…he may not have burned it down all the way, but that bridge is severely damaged.

So the girls have James where they want him–and I suspect Bobby Fischer aka Lisa Vanderpump is pulling some strings behind the scenes as well. If anyone has the dirt on Lala and her married boyfriend it’s James Kennedy. So James takes the bait and meets with the girls.

Kristen tells James that Lala is talking serious shit about him. This seems to aggravate James enough to start dishing.

“Honestly its pretty dumb for Lala to be f#cking with me at this point when she is the one with real sh#t to be hiding” he says in his ITM.

James tells the girls, ”Lala has definitely been acting super shady……..I’ve never met her boyfriend.”

Doute interjects “she’s f#cking a married man.”

James goes on, “he’s hooking her up with a lot of stuff…” Kristen says,  “yeah, hotels”..”Coachella the two houses.”

James then pulls out his phone and says, I was given this contract…he shows a picture on his phone of the confidentiality agreement.

Kristen and Stassi’s jaws drop as they read the detailed document.

“Lala’s boyfriend rented this amazing house for Coachella, tickets, food, alcohol all weekend only catch is you have to sign a f#cking non-disclosure agreement that states I can’t talk about her boyfriend at all,” James explains.

James says he didn’t sign it, but if he did he certainly would not/could not admit it! James adds, “I’m sure Tom and Ariana got one because they wouldn’t have been allowed to stay in the house.”

Boom, there it is. They for sure would not have been allowed to stay in the house. How ironic that Mr. and Mrs. Judgey Judgerton are the two who sold their souls for tickets to Coachella and free cocktails!

“I had my suspicions about Tom and Ariana signing this NDA because they never say a bad word about Lala,….they defend and defend and defend her…why?” Stassi laments.

I found that odd too.

Stassi confronts Ariana at Katie’s wedding shower.ariana-madix-5

Ariana says, “I saw Lala when we first got there…said “hey”. I never saw anybody come by. I knew it was paid for. I never knew by who”.

PUHLEASE! You never asked who was bank-rolling this gig? Didn’t you want to thank your generous host?

Ariana then says in her ITM as though she was reading from a statement supplied by an attorney, “there’s no way that I ever read through a piece of paper, saw that I wasn’t allowed to talk about Lala…I didn’t sign an NDA for Lala.”

Of course it’s sort of a moot point since if Ariana did sign said NDA she would be not be allowed to admit signing said NDA without serious consequences.

Stassi astutely observes, “Ariana is displaying the tell-tale signs of lying, choking on her words, she won’t make eye contact, she keeps looking away and she’s fidgety.” Well I guess that relationship with Jax Taylor actually paid off.

Katie then corners Ariana hanging the ‘your’e a groomsmen in my wedding card” in her face.

“She ditched Ariana on her birthday so why the fuck is Ariana defending her” she remarks in her ITM.

Hey, I am actually on Katie’s side here for the first time all season.

Stassi then steps in and reads Ariana like a pro. If theres one thing Stassi is good at its confrontation. My issue with Katie is I think Katie is trying to be Stassi and no one handles a confrontation like Stassi fu@king Schroeder.

And my issue with Stassi is she keeps insisting she’s on a crusade to get justice for Katie. Come on Stassi. Knock that off. No one cares about that. We want to see you take Lala down because Lala is lying and she is being really obnoxious about it…period. Let Katie fight her own battles. Just do what you do best. Expose her and walk away.

Anyhoo the married man in question is almost certainly a major Hollywood producer named Randall Emmett. 

And Randall is very powerful. In fact he presently has a new movie out called Silence —how appropriate. The film is directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Andrew Garfield and is up for an Oscar. And undoubtedly, Randall would go to great lengths to make sure this secret does not come out. So draw your own conclusions.

In fact, Kristen Doute accuses “Randall” of calling and harassing them in an effort to keep this situation under wraps.


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