Robby Hayes signs modeling contract with Wilhelmina

Robby Hayes had a rough couple of months after getting rejected by Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher last summer. First his ex girlfriend Hope Higginbotham hooked up with Bachelorette bad-boy Chad Johnson, then there was a disastrous ‘smile makeover’, then he was glossed over for lead Bachelor in favor of Nick Viall, but it looks like things may be turning around for the 28-year-old former Bachelorette runner-up.

Robby, in addition to being a pool salesman, is an aspiring model. So Robby decided to pursue his dream of being a male model by moving from Jacksonville, Florida to the place all aspiring models move to—Denver, Colorado.

And amazingly, he corralled a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Denver, the Colorado branch of the internationally renowned modeling agency.

The world famous agency announced the big news on Instagram Friday.

‘I’ve never been with a major agency such as Wilhelmina Denver,’ Hayes told Us Weekly.

He continued: ‘I’ve been signed with a couple smaller local agencies in my past, but this will be a big step in the right direction for me.’

I’m still stuck on the idea that Robby moved to Denver to pursue a modeling career. What prompted the move? Well I think his bromance with fellow season 12 contestant, Chase McNary–which just fuels my conspiracy theory that Robby Hayes is gay.robby-hayes

‘[It’s] not the reason I moved, but definitely something I was hoping would come about knowing I was moving out here.’

He said: ‘The entire industry in Denver excites me. It’s grown so much in recent years and the opportunity of not only great Colorado projects but national projects as well will be greatly beneficial for both Wilhelmina and my career moving forward.’

Really??? the modeling industry in Denver excites you? I think it may be something else in Denver that “excites” Robby. Sorry RH but no matter how bushy that beard gets, it can’t cover the gay. I predict Robby’s next move will be to West Hollywood.


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