Vanessa Grimaldi engagement ring details

Twenty-nine-year-old Montreal, Quebec, Special Education Teacher, Vanessa Grimaldi said yes to Nick Viall’s marriage proposal tonight in Finland and she walked away with more than just a future husband. Vanessa also walked away with a 4 carat round-cut diamond engagement ring valued at $100,000!

“Finding the perfect ring is the second hardest thing I’ll have to do today”, Nick told cameras when ring designer Neil Lane came to his door.

Nick chose the round cut platinum ring with a halo of smaller diamonds around the center stone. The ring is accented with a total of 164 round-cut and 2 larger baguette-cut diamonds.

Interestingly, the ring Nick chose for Vanessa is the same ring another ‘polished gent’ chose for his chosen lady: it’s the engagement ring Robby Hayes chose to give Jojo Fletcher on the 2016 season of The Bachelorette.

Unfortunately she has to actually make it to the altar in order to keep it. I’m not feeling optimistic about this budding relationship given the After the Final Rose episode….and the finale….and the entire season.

And given reports that Vanessa is regretting her decision to say yes. Vanessa has been pretty reluctant to the notion of moving from Montreal and I don’t really see Nick giving up his US citizenship.nick-viall-ring

Sorry to be such a Debby Downer, but I think Nick was just going through the motions and I think this beautiful 100k ring will be returned by the Holidays. So stay tuned for more details on the ring and the relationship!

Nick and Vanessa’s ICY showing on After the Final Rose looks ominousnick-viall-ring-2


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