Ben Higgins looks to religion to ponder if he could be The Bachelor again

Ben Higgins looks to religion to ponder if he could be The Bachelor again

In Ben’s new blog he answers the question about whether or not he would consider the challenge of being The Bachelor again. And not surprisingly Ben is looking to his faith in God to find answers.

“Will I be the next bachelor?” …..

To process this question fully, we need to start at the beginning. Three years ago, a coworker and friend submitted me to The Bachelorette. As a 25-year-old, I’d recently moved to Denver, ended an important romantic relationship, and started a new job — all huge life changes on their own. I was still a little naive to life outside of Indiana, the land of pork, corn, and Busch Light. The Bachelorette gave me an opportunity to expand my world views, meet new friends, and potentially fall in love. …..”

The ex girlfriend he is referring to is Shaelin Adams. Shaelin essentially broke Ben’s heart just prior to his stint on The Bachelorette. That’s an important detail because it meant that Ben began this ‘journey’ as a bit of a rebound. (Although I’m sure Ben would never admit this).

“So, will I be the bachelor again?” he asks. And this is where Ben digs in and looks to his Christian religion for some answers.

“One of my favorite speakers and pastors is Andy Stanley from Atlanta, Georgia. I listen to him each week, and he packs his sermons with relatable insights. A few years ago he did a four-part series titled, “The Best Question Ever,” which suggests that with every decision we encounter in life, we must ask ourselves, “What is the wise thing to do?”

“As a result of this series and book, I ask myself this question many times a day. It guides me to what is smart, God-centered, and pure. So, as I considered the possibility of being the bachelor again, I asked myself, “Would it be wise?”

And then Ben gives a breakdown on why he does not think it would be ‘wise’ to give it another go.

“I do not feel like being the bachelor would be a wise choice for me right now. Here’s why:

  • I am not ready for another relationship to take place in the public eye.
  • I am not able to be the man I would want to be for the women participating in the experience. I sense that I couldn’t prepare my heart to get engaged six months after my previous engagement ended. (I’m focusing on loving others better in non-romantic settings.)
  • If I did the show again I’d want to ensure that my intentions were pure and I was doing it — wait for it — for the right reasons.
  • The scrutiny that would result from doing the show twice makes me hesitate to participate.
  • And last but not least I have some exciting things that I’m passionate about going on right now. And I do not want to neglect them (The Mahogany Workplace, Generous International, my full-time job at Talisys, and the “Almost Famous Podcast“).

Every decision we make comes with consequences. At this point in my life I do not believe I’m ready to be the bachelor again. However, with that being said, a lesson I’ve learned over the last few years: Don’t close doors to any possibilities.”

There were a lot of rumors about why things ended with fiancee Lauren Bushnell, particularly centered around Ben’s lingering feelings for runner-up Jojo Fletcher. There were even rumors that Ben was still texting his ex Shaelin. No doubt leading the show was emotionally draining for him.

So there you go Ben fans. Higgins was an excellent and very popular Bachelor so I would not be surprised if ABC was considering him to do it again. But would it be wise? In my opinion, no.

I think Ben should leave while he’s on top. Truth be told, I think Ben is actually pretty boring and I the ‘Perfect Ben’ spell is over and fans are ready to move on.


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