Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 4

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 4

Name: Brittany W.
Nickname: Britt, Jelly Bean, Bean Head, Bean Squad
Age: 29

Brittany W

Occupation: Business Owner

Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia

“This blonde bombshell loves to laugh and is looking for a partner who shares her optimistic, happy-go-lucky attitude! Close to her family and proud of her faith, Brittany may be up for any adventure but she also has a five year plan that includes a husband and family of her own. She’s hoping the Bachelor is ready to follow her lead!”

Religion: Christian

Name: Lara

Nickname: Lay, Lee, Larry and Lare bear

Age: 27


Hometown: Baltimore, Ontario
Occupation: Automotive Financial Manager

“Lara is a self-described country girl in city girl clothes who is looking for an easy going guy to bring balance to her life. The first person in her family to attend University, she’s a high-achiever who hopes the Bachelor is a man who can appreciate her loyal, genuine nature.”

Name: Madisson Ritchie

Age: TBA


Hometown: TBA
Occupation: TBA

Name: Madelaine

Age: 33
Nickname: Mad, Maddie, Madeaux


Hometown: North Bay, Ontario
Occupation: Medical Secretary

“Trained dancer Madelaine may have learned to be disciplined at the les grand Ballets Canadiens in Montreal, but just like her weakness for chocolate, she has a major soft spot for true love. Growing up with 12 siblings has taught her the importance of family and she’s ready to start one of her own with the Bachelor!”


Name: Shanti

Age: 31
Nickname: SJ, young pup, and little coach

1140x560 Shanti
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Occupation: Real Estate Student

“Shanti is an over-the-top diva and a self-described “open-minded romantic”. Not afraid to speak her mind, she’s looking for someone who isn’t intimidated by a strong woman. Shanti is hoping the bachelor will be the “real man” she’s been looking for.”


Name: Mikaela

Age: 27
Nickname: Mik or Mickey

1140x560 Mikaela

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Occupation: Fashion PR

“Fearless and independent, Mikaela struck out on her own at the age of 19 to begin a new life in the big city. With talent and sheer determination, she managed to make her mark in the competitive fashion industry and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s hoping the Bachelor will be exactly her style! ”

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Season 3 of Bachelor Canada airs Wednesday, October 11 on W Network.

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