Hirotake Kubo — Bachelor Japan — bio

Hirotake Kubo — Bachelor Japan — bio

Name: Hirotake Kubo

Show: Bachelor Japan

Age: 35

Birthday: tba

Occupation: Entrepreneur who has just sold his IT company for a huge profit

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Ethnicity: Japanese

Education: University of TokyoHirotake Kubo

Per Amazon Prime:

“The Bachelor is a reality show and a fairy tale that provides viewers with a front-row, intimate look at the process of falling in love. Based on the smash-hit ABC-born franchise, The Bachelor centers on one desirable man, successful tech executive Mr. Hirotake Kubo, who embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime romantic journey by meeting 25 women in the outskirts of Tokyo. Over a series of 12 hour-long episodes, he gets to know the women via a series of social gatherings, romantic dates and exotic trips and eliminates women each week during the nerve-wracking Rose Ceremony. Ultimately, the bachelor must choose the one woman who has captured his heart, hopefully proposing marriage to his final selection on the season’s finale. ”

12 episodes (including the epilogue) are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Social Media:

Instagram: hirotakekubo

Twitter: @hiro_takebo


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