JJ Lane calls ex-girlfriend Juelia Kinney an ‘Ice woman’

Well I guess we know how this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars ends–at least for Bachelor in Paradise alumn JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney. On the show they are trying to decide if their relationship is worth saving. In real life the two have already gone their separate ways.

In an interview with Life & Style, JJ takes a couple jabs at his ex: “Juelia doesn’t cry. She’s, you know — ice woman. I give her credit. I’m more of an emotional guy. I’m front of the jet, flying the plane, I don’t know who my goose would be”.

Apparently we will get a bit more insight into why the relationship failed as the season progresses. Juelia told the mag during a Facebook live chat, “just based on information from boot camp, which is the whole purpose of doing it. We just realized we weren’t compatible.”

Both JJ and Juelia are single parents. JJ is divorced, but still close with his ex wife Heather Sands and Juelia is a widower to ex husband Dustin Kinney who committed suicide in 2013.

The two have both found new partners. Juelia struck up a romance with Evan Bass’ brother Aaron in Mexico at Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ June BIP wedding.

JJ is dating Kay Hughes of Denver, Colorado. “I wanted a normal human being that wasn’t worried about her Instagram following and how many views she got on her Instagram story, so thank goodness.”

Ouch! Maybe Juelia should get in touch with Social Media Influencer, Robby Hayes.


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