JJ Lane calls ex-girlfriend Juelia Kinney an ‘Ice woman’

Well I guess we know how this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars ends–at least for Bachelor in Paradise alumn JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney. On the show they are trying to decide if their relationship is worth saving. In real life the two have already gone their separate ways. In an interview with Life & Style, … Read more

Juelia Kinney and JJ Lane both have new romances as Marriage Boot Camp airs!

Juelia Kinney and JJ Lane both have new romances as Marriage Boot Camp airs! I think it was a little ridiculous that Bachelor/Bachelorette stars Juelia Kinney and JJ Lane were even cast on Marriage Boot Camp given the dubiousness of their relationship from the start. To back up a minute, the romance between the two … Read more

Juelia Kinney dating the brother of Evan Bass

I’m not quite sure if this counts as a Bachelor Nation couple, but Bachelor alumni Juelia Kinney is now dating the brother of Evan Bass, Aaron Bass, 34 of Southbury, Connecticut. She recently announced the news on Instagram, “In true Bachelor fashion, I met this amazing human, we call it Bachelor Nation but it’s so true,” ….“You … Read more

Juelia Kinney and JJ Lane dating?

Juelia Kinney and JJ Lane dating? Welcome to bizzaro world Bachelor Nation. And I apologize for missing this one when it first began in September, but we have a mega-situation on our hands! Ironically when 31-year-old JJ Lane left paradise to pursue a relationship at home in Denver, Colorado, he handed 30-year-old Juelia Kinney his rose … Read more

Are Mikey Tenerelli and Juelia Kinney still together?

Are Mikey Tenerelli and Juelia Kinney still together? Last night widow and single mom Juelia Kinney shocked everyone by going to host Chris Harrison and asking him if she could have a second chance with fitness trainer and alpha-male Mikey Tenerelli since Mikey expressed an interest in her, but she was hung up on Joe Bailey at the … Read more

Samantha Steffen arrives to Bachelor in Paradise

Tonight we finally got to meet the infamous “Samantha” that contestant Joe Bailey, 29 has been pining away for and interestingly she just so happens to be friends with Juelia Kinney—the girl who is pining away for Joe. Ironically new arrival Samantha Steffen, 28 told host Chris Harrison that she thought Joe seemed “really sweet” … Read more

Joe Bailey uses Juelia Kinney to get to Samantha Steffen

Joe Bailey shocks everyone tonight by being a serious d-bag to single mom Juelia Kinney, 31. Juelia apparently has strong feelings for Joe and sort of asks herself out when Joe asks who wants to go horseback riding with him. On their date Juelia is really impressed that Joe knows her story, but why wouldn’t he, … Read more

JJ Lane and Tanner Tolbert added to cast of Bachelor in Paradise

Thankfully getting booted from The Bachelor or Bachelorette is not as bad as it used to be. Now when contestants get dumped there is a good chance ABC will send them to paradise to find love in 3 weeks. Last night both JJ Lane, 30 and Tanner Tolbert, 28 were sent home in Ireland, but fear not, now they are … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise 2015 cast

It’s hard to believe that Bachelor in Paradise 2015 has already begun filming, but it has! Reality Steve has released a few names of the upcoming cast. BiP 2015 Girls The girls that he suggests will appear from Chris Soules’ season are: Playboy model Jade Roper, Ashley Iaconetti, Megan Bell, cruise-ship singer Carly Waddell, Ashley … Read more

Juelia Kinney talks about her previous husband Dustin Kinney’s suicide on The Bachelor

Tonight Bachelor contestant Juelia Kinney talked about her previous husband Dustin Kinney and father of her daughter Ireland and how he committed suicide in 2013 by allegedly shooting himself. She said: “I have been so hurt and abandoned, but for some reason I am ready to go again.” She told the girls that she knew he … Read more