Amanda Batula — Summer House — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Amanda Batula — Summer House — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Name: Amanda Batula

Age: 25

Occupation: FENIX, L’Occitane en Provence

Hometown: Hillsborough, New Jersey

Education: University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2013
Concentration, Communication Design

Delta Gamma (Sorority)

High School: Hillsborough High School

Ex-boyfriend: Kyle Cooke

From her Bravo profile:cast-images-_amanda-batula

“Amanda is a hardworking, career-driven senior graphic designer and art director who loves the Hamptons for relaxing and having good times with friends. After a year of dealing with Kyle’s shenanigans, they’ve officially reached relationship status and have decided to spend the summer together. Although Kyle has come a long way, it can be argued he hasn’t come far enough, and Amanda wants proof he can prioritize what’s really important. Meanwhile, she has grown close with Kyle’s friends but still wants to find her own voice and identity within the group.”

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