Maquel Cooper ex-husband Josh Munday wants her back!

Nothing like going on the Bachelor to make an ex jealous. And this season it looks like a couple of exes come groveling back. In this case it’s the ex-husband of conservative Mormon Maquel Cooper, Josh Munday. Josh, 25, has taken to the tabloids to voice his undying declaration of love.

Yes, apparently he ran to In Touch, to make his feelings known to the world (I guess this means that Maquel wasn’t answering his phone calls).

“One of my mistakes was letting her go.”

“There was no infidelity, [and] she was never rude or malicious or anything of the sort. We were high school sweethearts that got married a bit too early,” he explains.

“Maquel is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my entire life.”josh-munday

Josh is oddly concerned about 23-year-old Maquel getting a Fantasy Suite date with Arie, 36.

“Maquel is a very religious person. She’s not the type to jump into the Fantasy Suite,” adding this zinger: “I think Arie’s a little old for her.” OUCH!

FYI the ink is barely dry on their divorce papers.

The couple wed in May 2016 but filed for divorce just five months later.

Well take heart Josh. This show has a long history of broken-hearted girls running back to their ex boyfriends the minute they get home.


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