13 thoughts on “Molly Duff & Jonathan Francetic — Married at 1st Sight — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki, Twitter

  1. Observe body language…. it doesn’t lie…Molly is SMILING, telling her family about the divorce…John DEVASTATED telling his family.
    That is the INVESTMENT OF THEMSELVES they each had in the marriage.
    Molly Withholding AFFECTION is about CONTROLLING.
    Jon recognized THAT and made a wise decision.

  2. Molly Duff is shady! I think she just got on MAFS to possibly make a tv career out of her appearance on the show. She said she wasn’t attracted to him was her excuse not to get close, but you check episodes and she said she was attracted to him. Well, which one is it? Shady!

  3. molly you have been nothing but a bitch to john he really needs to kick you to the curb, i cant belive you were chatting up another guy while your hubby is right there. john has been nothing but good to you you are disgusting.

  4. Jon pls. Kick molly to the curb you are to good for her. Your nice and good looking she thinks she us all that what she needs is a mirror. She had a three some oohhhh gross she is dirty drop that loser job find a hot girl in the gym molly won’t look good without clothes you ain’t missing nothing the only curves she has is her knee caps.

  5. Jonathan, I hope you and Jacklyn get together after you both make the right decision and let your partners go.

  6. Jon and Molly???? Although they do appear to have tons in common, there is something just not quite right with Molly. She is stiff and distant from Jon. Jon seems like a good guy and deserves someone so much more loving and giving. Molly doesn’t seem to advance in the relationship, even beyond the absence of sex. She is convincing herself and Jon that this is all normal and ok. To wait maybe her norm, which is ok, but, she admits that she is not attractive to Jon, which there is no guarantee that an attraction will ever take place. I think Jon is HOT!! I think that she doesn’t really want a good guy, but, wants a bad guy. I hope she gets what she wants!!! The next bad guy as she realizes, she let the prize slip through her fingers. You deserve better than Molly as your wife Jon!! Kick her to the curb…. I pray that you get a “Great Woman” and a great job. Best wishes!!

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