Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s shares details on his 2-year relationship that ended in a miscarriage

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s shares details on his 2-year relationship that ended in a miscarriage

Tonight Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. shared some painful details about his last serious relationship on his first 1-on-1 with Lauren Burnham in Paris.

The two start with a very romantic boat ride down the Seine.

And understandably Lauren is freaking out a little bit that she has had so little time with Arie and does not even know if he even likes her.

“I’ve been, like, terrified to tell you anything,” she admits. She reveals that her parents are still together but haven’t had an “easy marriage.”

She also confides in Arie that she was recently engaged (Thank you Lauren–that is what I had deduced from research, but I needed confirmation).

She tells Arie that her ex fiancee was pretty awful to her after they got engaged “and that kind of warped (her) view of men in general.”

And Arie shares a very intimate detail about his life.

During dinner he talked about his ‘last serious relationship’ and I seriously thought he was going to claim it was his 9-week-non-monogomous relationship with Bachelorette Emily Maynard, but he did not.

He recounted a 2-year relationship with a single mom of 2 kids that he lived with and that really broke his heart in the end.

He tells her that he cut back on his racing after learning she was pregnant. Arie was away on a work trip when she called him to tell him: “She said, ‘I lost the baby, and when you come home I won’t be here.’”

Ok, if you think there has got to more to this sad story, you are right.

First of all as a side note he shared this story on Emily’s season but producers felt it was so personal that they edited it out. But we still managed to learn that her name was Cassie Harshman of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


As for the timeline: Arie moved out in June 2011, but they continued to try and make it work until breaking it off for good in December of 2011.

In an interview with Star Cassie said that Arie “wasn’t the best father figure to (her) children.”

She also accused him of being on The Bachelorette for all the wrong reasons,

“He’s in it for the fame” … “Arie has dated hundreds of women and travels all over the world.”

Unfortunately there are other bitter exes out there with similar tales to tell which is why I was so shocked that producers chose Arie to lead the show!

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