Krystal Nielson blast Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. — claims that he has ‘needle dick’

Krystal Nielson blast Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. — claims that he has ‘needle dick’

I guess we can look forward to some drama on The Women Tell All coming up. 29-year-old fitness coach Krystal Nielson slams Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr., 36 claiming, among other things, that he has a ‘needle dick’.

Ouch! That is some S-E-R-I-O-U-S shade and the first time that a contestant has commented publicly on a Bachelor’s penis size.

We did get some dirt on the largess of Chris Soules, but that was off-the-record of course.

Now she does qualify that, by saying that’s merely a gut feeling and she has no real proof, BUT I would bet money Krystal does have real proof.

source: Instagram
source: Instagram

After all Arie took her home to Scottsdale, Arizona. I had my suspicions that these two had already been to the Fantasy Suite when they kept talking about their ‘history together’ in Paris. I figured ‘history’ was code for..’we already sealed this deal’ with some sexy ‘off-camera time’.

That would also explain why Krystal was so confidant in her connection with Arie.

Hopefully, given all of the scorned women out there that Arie has aggrieved, one will be able to confirm or deny this rumor, but we need actual dimensions ladies, not just ‘it was fine’.

Anyhow, Krystal is dishing it in this interview with Bachelor alumni Ashley Iaconetti, telling her that she was hoping the Bachelor was going to be Peter Kraus and that Arie was not the right “Bachelor” for her.

Damn! You know what they say about a ‘woman scorned’. As a side note, Krystal is looking phenomenal. She keeps irritating me with all of her new age speak, but then she sucks me back in in interviews like this where she stops taking herself so damn seriously and admits that there is a time to throw shade. After all, ‘Positivity’ is positively boring.

Krystal also says she is still friends with Bekah Martinez, 22 who has also been busy throwing a bit of shade Arie’s way on Twitter.

I’m just curious to know if she and 26-year-old Taxidermy enthusiast, and cannibal-curious Kendall Long have kissed and made up after their extra-saucy scuffle in Paris. After all, Kendall has been to the Fantasy Suite so if the rumor is true they can bond over how Arie is nothing to get worked up about.

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