Luke Pell back together with girlfriend Holly Allen

Luke Pell back together with girlfriend Holly Allen

Not so shockingly 32-year-old Bachelor Winter Games star Luke Pell just announced that he is “back together” with his old girlfriend 30-year-old Holly Allen of Lander, Wyoming. I use quotes because it looked like he never actually broke up with her to do the show and was faking a romantic interest in 26-year-old co-star Stassi Yaramchuk of Malmö, Sweden.

Thursday in an Instagram post he shared a photo of himself and Holly, as the two walked hand-in-hand near what looked to be an airfield, writing.  

‘Sometimes there’s more than what you see on [TV].’

Umm, is that a confession Luke?

In an interview with People, Luke said,

‘I went on the show to find love, and I did find love,’ ….BUT…… ‘It made me realize where my heart was, and that was to reconcile with my ex.”We’re together now and stronger than ever. I’m in love with her. I’m just thankful that going on this show helped me to find where my heart really was and who my heart was with. I hate if Stassi was hurt in the middle of that.’

Luke went down in Bachelor infamy on the Winter Games season finale when he callously blew off questions from Stassi. I think it’s best that he find love off-screen.

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