Luke Pell back together with girlfriend Holly Allen

Luke Pell back together with girlfriend Holly Allen Not so shockingly 32-year-old Bachelor Winter Games star Luke Pell just announced that he is “back together” with his old girlfriend 30-year-old Holly Allen of Lander, Wyoming. I use quotes because it looked like he never actually broke up with her to do the show and was faking … Read more

Is Luke Pell hiding a secret girlfriend back home?

Last Thursday night former Westpoint grad Luke Pell, 32 got some sexy hot-tub time with 26-year-old Stassi Yaramchuk of Malmö, Sweden on the Bachelor Winter Games. Luke appeared to be somewhat interested in Stassi, but it sounds like things are not exactly as they appear and Luke is hiding a secret girlfriend back home. Remember, he was originally cast as The … Read more

Bachelor Winter Games confirmed cast

Bachelor Winter Games official cast list Ben Flajnik, Luke Pell, Clare Crawley, Kevin Wendt, Peter Kraus & Jordan Mauger At last we have some confirmed names for Bachelor Winter Games! Mike Fleiss has been dropping a few names and a few breadcrumbs for a while now in regards to who exactly will star on the … Read more

Bachelor producers panicked over their 2018 lead

Executive producer Mike Fleiss has been sending cryptic tweets all week about who may or may not be chosen to be the next Bachelor, but it turns out producers are much less confidant and much more unsettled about who they will choose than they are letting on. Of course fans are partial to Wisconsin personal … Read more

Airelle Snyder reveals she and other girls got played by almost Bachelor Luke Pell

Airelle Snyder reveals she and other girls got played by almost Bachelor Luke Pell It looks like 31-year-old Bachelorette star Luke Pell has been playing a lot more than just country music!!! I have been super curious about why ABC seemed so in love with the idea of Luke leading the 2017 season of The … Read more

Bachelor producers question the motives of original choice Luke Pell

I was shocked that ABC pulled Luke Pell at the last minute from leading the 2017 Bachelor season in favor of perpetual runner-up Nick Viall. And I am shocked to hear the reasons that producers decided to drop Luke. Honestly, I thought Luke may be a little too boring to carry an entire season, but … Read more

Bachelorette 2016 premiere recap: 1st impression awards…..drumroll please…

Tonight season 12 of The Bachelorette premiered and the situations officially began. First Jojo Fletcher meets Chris Harrison and laments about being “blindsided” by Bachelor Ben Higgins last season which I always find amazing since this show is built on “blindsiding”!!! Anyhow, this time Jojo is in charge. She has learned from her past (2 months … Read more