Jenna Cooper claims former fiance Jordan Kimball behind salacious texts

Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper is a ‘woman scorned’ and everyone in her immediate orbit better take cover because she is lashing out in all kinds of directions! In the latest twist Cooper is now claiming that her former fiance, Jordan Kimball, is the one who released the salacious and what Jenna claims are fraudulent texts.

First Jenna placed the blame exclusively on blogger Reality Steve who released the texts–texts which indicated that Jenna was a Sugar Baby — aka a hot girl for hire and was cheating on Jordan. So no wonder she’s on a rampage.

Her then fiancée Jordan ended the engagement after seeing the texts.

Jenna shot back claiming she had a legal and forensic team investigating the situation.

She wrote on Instagram,

“My attorneys have begun an investigation which included requesting that Stephen Carbone [Reality Steve] give the actual files of the fake texts to us so that the files may be forensically examined.”

Jenna has allegedly hired a legal team although you be the judge — the letters from said team are pretty unconventional and slightly unprofessional.

Jenna claimed “forensic analysis of my electronic devices and iCloud account prove that the fraudulent text messages posted by ‘Reality’ Steve were not mine”

On Friday, Jordan posted a series of screenshots of an email allegedly from Jenna’s attorney, which point the finger squarely at Jordan.

“You are clearly avoiding the situation because you know the truth already,” the email asserts.

The email continues, stating that if Jordan doesn’t publicly apologize and admit fault, private text messages between Jordan and Jenna will be released to the public, and a lawsuit will be filed against Stephen “Reality Steve” Carbone.

WHAAAT?! Has she considered the possibility that just maybe Jordan is not the source and she is using extortion to force him to admit to something he did not do?

All signs point to desperation on Jenna’s part to save her disintegrating reputation no matter who has to pay.


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