Jenna Cooper claims former fiance Jordan Kimball behind salacious texts

Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper is a ‘woman scorned’ and everyone in her immediate orbit better take cover because she is lashing out in all kinds of directions! In the latest twist Cooper is now claiming that her former fiance, Jordan Kimball, is the one who released the salacious and what Jenna claims are … Read more

Jenna Cooper & Jordan Kimball so many situations! Allegations of cheating, a Sugar Daddy, and a Reality Steve lawsuit

Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball got engaged on the finale of Bachelor in Paradise after an incredibly tumultuous 3-week courtship. The couple seemed to be going strong into the After Paradise show. BUT Reality Steve got involved in this relationship in  a serious way by publishing private text messages allegedly showing that Jenna was cheating on … Read more

Jenna Cooper already cheating on Jordan Kimball

Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball got engaged tonight on the finale of Bachelor in Paradise. The couple has remained relatively drama free and appeared to be head over heels in love with each other, BUT rumors are already swirling that Jenna has been cheating on Jordan with another man. According to Reality Steve a woman appearing … Read more

Hurricane Jenna lands in Bachelor in Paradise

Jenna Cooper swept in to Paradise like a category 5 hurricane last week. The sexy 29-year-old Fitness Consultant made landfall on Tuesday and caused quite a bit of destruction. First the stacked stormfront annihilates the sweet budding relationship between 26-year-old Wilhelmina model Jordan Kimball and Annaliese Puccini. Then it intensifies a tempestuous rift between Jordan and David Ravitz, 26. Jordan … Read more

Are Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper still together?

The Jordan Kimball Jenna Cooper situation Jordan Kimball has definitely been a major situation on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. He initially appeared to have a spark with Annaliese Puccini, but Jordan swiftly switched gears when 29-year-old Upland, Indiana Fitness Consultant, Jenna Cooper landed in paradise. Jenna is cute, she’s bubbly, shes running around in a very … Read more