Who is Demi Burnett’s mother Tina and why is she in jail?

Twenty-three year-old Demi Burnett confided in Bachelor Colton Underwood and all of America that her mother, Tina, was in jail for embezzlement in Texas but is “actually going to get out very soon”.

So who the heck is this mystery woman and why exactly is she in jail?

Well let’s hope in this case that the apple does fall far from the tree because Demi’s mother is one GIANT mess!

Her full name is, Tina Jean Jordan, and she was recently serving time for conspiracy to commit bank fraud. And it was not her first time in the slammer.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 46-year-old Jordan was sentenced to 18 months at FMC Carswell prison in Texas on July 24, 2017, but was allowed to spend the last six months of her sentence in a halfway house.  Tina was released on November 23, 2018, shortly after the Bachelor finished filming. But sadly we wont be meeting Tina in prison during Hometowns.

But per Life & Style, Jordan also spent time in prison in 2007 for embezzlement, violating her probation, committing grand theft, and committing forgery.

I wonder if producers got the full rap sheet…and if they showed it to Colton. The litany of charges would definitely give me pause.

So I’m not shocked that Colton released Demi from ‘custody’ on Monday night…sending her home from Thailand.

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