ASMR aka Whisper p#rn — a brand new situation

I have to admit that I am seriously behind the times. I am still reeling from my latest discovery ASMR which I know has been trending since 2017. So forgive me for being so late to this game.

I was just talking to my brother on Zoom. He’s a composer that that lives in LA and he is always sharing the most amazing situations with me.

Today he said: “Christine, have I sent you the videos of Whisper p#rn?” I said WHAAAT??? What is that?

“Its where people whisper in a very soothing voice about the most trivial things like how to pet your cat and it’s supposed to calm you down. This one girl has 3.9 million views, but you quickly see why as the camera only focuses on her very large chest the entire time”.

We then talked about the show Portlandia and the episode with “battle of the quiet bands” and how modern times are not any weirder than that show.

This is real. And I think if you watch the “kitten massage” video you can quickly see why it’s her “most requested video”.

BTW in case you are wondering (like I was) what ASMR stands for, its:

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), and allegedly is a form of brain massage. It certainly made me feel more relaxed.

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