Ready For Love’s Shandi Finnessey marries Ben Higgins!

Former Miss USA and Ready For Love winner Shandi Finnessey has found love after Ernesto Arguello. On July 11th 2015 she married businessman Ben Higgins in Solvang California. Interestingly her co-stars on the show Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves were married exactly one week earlier! So who is Shandi’s new husband? Per The Knot Ben is actually a British National and … Read more

Shandi Finnessey engaged to Ben Higgins

Remember Shandi Finnessey from Ready for Love? She was the gorgeous contestant on the short-lived NBC reality show who stole the heart of Ernesto Arguello. Prior to that she was crowned Miss USA in 2004, and first runner up for Miss Universe 2004. Shandi and Ernesto broke up before the show even aired, but take heart, she is … Read more

Shandi Finnessey, Ernesto Arguello’s Ex Wishes Him and Eva Longoria the Best

Remember the dramatic finale of Ready For Love’s Ernesto Arguello and Shandi Finnessey’s relationship, when Ernesto scaled the cube wall because he could not wait another episode to reveal his choice to the world? The two broke up before the show even aired! (That’s what happens when production takes 9 months). The gorgeous Ready For … Read more

Ready for Love’s Ernesto and Shandi breakup

After the most romantic reality love finale of all time…Ready for Love bachelor Ernesto and contestant Shandi have decided to break up!! Yes after Ernesto Arguello’s amazing romantic overture scaling the cube wall to reach his final choice, Shandi Finnessey. it is OVER!! Granted it’s been like a year. (They need to learn with reality … Read more

Eva Longoria attends her graduation with Ready for Love Ernesto Arguello and Ben Patton

We love that Eva Longoria has created an LA safe-house for couples-who-met-on-a-reality-show-and-are-in-hiding-until-their-finale-airs. Keep in mind Ready for Love finished taping last August so these couples have been in hiding 9 months. And this latest report just makes the situation even more amazing. That is: Eva graduated from California State University on Wednesday (May 22) in … Read more

Are Ernesto and Shandi still together and Ready for Love?

Wow! Wow! Triple Wow! Today’s post-cancellation, only-released-online episode of Ready for Love had the most amazing ending ever! And it has everyone running to their computers searching for: Ernesto and Shandi still together? UPDATE 6/3/13: ********************************** ALERT! Ernesto and Shandi have broken up!!! It’s official! (CLICK HERE) From Shandi: Thx 4 ur support. I did … Read more

Who is Shandi Finnessey from ‘Ready for Love’?

This week on Ready for Love, bachelor Ernesto Arguello shared his first kiss of the season in The Garden with amazing lady Shandi Finnessey. And boy was it hot!We’re just hoping Shandi is there for the “right reasons,” because she has the perfect resume for someone that might actually just be on the show for … Read more

‘Ready for Love’: Ernesto Arguello Contestants

Last week we got to meet the amazing ladies that Tim Lopez, the 31-year-old hopeless romantic from Santa Barbara California would get to choose from on NBC’s new show ‘Ready for Love’. But this week we get to see who Real Estate Developer Ernesto Arguello will court for the next few weeks. Age: 33 Occupation: … Read more