Danielle Lombard claims Dean Unglert called her right after breakup

Danielle Lombard asserts that Dean Unglert, 26, who blind-sided her on the Bachelor in Paradise finale by breaking up with her and pursuing Kristina Schulman, 24, called her right after his tearful on-camera contrition. In an interview with Us Magazine she reveals what happened right after the breakup. “We left in separate vans to go back to the hotel. … Read more

What happened to mar Dean Unglert’s feelings for Kristina Schulman?

Tonight on episode 3 of Bachelor in Paradise things seem to simmer down a bit. The cast has sobered up since the 2 drink max was instituted and even though on-screen it looks like just a day or 2 has passed, in reality the contestants have been home for a week and a half. This is important … Read more